Buying items from Ambientlive


Firstly we pride ourselves in the quality of our product.
We may not be huge, but we do take the time to try and get it right.
Therefore if you have anything you'd like to say about out products,
please feel free to email your constructive remarks to us at
(sorry you'll have to type that in)

No Quibble

Nobody's perfect, so if any of our products arrive at your end in a faulty
state, we will immediately and without question replace that product, 
or refund your money. We may ask for the product back, so that we 
can identify what went wrong, and hopefully prevent a recurrence.

Multiple Purchases

CD's are priced singly, but are post free worldwide.
Therefore if you buy two, or three or more CD's you incur no extra
postage charge, because there isn't a charge there in the first place. 
How do we do it ... I have no idea. 

We have a shopping cart system based on Paypal, so you can buy
multiple items and then pay once at the end, with the facility to
change the contents of your Cart, etc.

Paypal ?

What if you don't like Paypal, or don't have an account, or whatever.
Well you can simply email us at the above address and we'll sort
something out, cheque, cash, transfer, whatever, we don't see why 
you should have a problem, so we try not to give you one.

Remember though, that you don't actually need to have actual funds
in your Paypal account in order to buy from us - you can use a credit
card to 'pass through' so that Paypal is just the payment channel.

Digital Downloads

We are building up our catalogue at MusicZeit. If there's a link on
the page to MusicZeit then the album can be downloaded from them.
The link will take you directly to the album's page there. Please
note that MusicZeit has FLAC encoding so that you can decode into
the original wav file, thus giving actual CD quality. Artwork is also
included. They also provide MP3 files at 320kbps free of charge 
when you buy the FLAC, for mobile use etc. Or you can simply 
buy the MP3 file and use it straight away. However payment for
downloads is handled separately within the MusicZeit website.
You can buy multiple albums from their site, these go into their own
shopping cart, the Ambientlive cart will still be here when you get back.

If for any reason your download is faulty, please email us with the
details and we'll happily pop a cdr with the mp3 files on it in the post.
You won't see the market leader offering that service.


Since we are a small label, and the demand for our type of music is
not huge, we simply can not afford to have production runs of 1000+
done for our albums. We would be left with stocks of thousands of 
them, it is simply not viable.

Therefore we have invested in some pro CDr printing and burning gear.
We also use the best available quality blanks that we can find.
And our CDr's have full-color on-face printing that some factory-made
products would envy. 

Outer Cases

We don't use "standard" jewel cases. We used to, but we had so many 
emails about cases broken in the post that we decided to walk another 
path. Broken cases is not good, it looks awful, disappoints the customer 
(you) and in some cases the actual CD had been scratched by bits of broken
plastic. I've never understood why CD's are packaged in such brittle material.

So at Ambientlive we now use slim jewel cases. These are the ones with 
the black back panel. These are used for all single album releases and 
some double albums. All the Awakenings releases are slim jewel case 
except for 2005 (even that can be if you ask).
We also use full-size DVD cases for the Longform releases. These are 
also used for selected double albums e.g. The Ritual, Quadra, etc.


Ambientlive is concious of the need to recycle packaging wherever possible.
Therefore please do not be disappointed if your CD's arrive in a pre-used
(but clean of course) jiffy bag or whatever. Each re-use of packaging saves 
the production of one new one. We all do what we can to reduce carbon.