Sending in a submission for inclusion
onto the Awakenings albums

  We already have the tracks for Awakenings 2010 volume 1  
  So now is the time to submit your track for 2010 volume 2   
  and 2010 volume 2.5 (ambient)                                             
  Submission deadline is the 31tst August 2010                      

What is Awakenings

Awakenings is a series of live concerts that has been running since
2005 and before that it was known as AL2K1, AL2K2, etc.
We try to put on somebody well known with maybe a couple of
known artists as support, so that the well known artist hopefully draws
in the audience, and the lesser known bands get the exposure they
need at that stage of their musical career.

Many famous artists have appeared, including ...

  • Radio Massacre International
  • AirSculpture
  • Ron Boots
  • Binar
  • Brendan Pollard
  • Skin Mechanix
  • Vietgrove
  • The Glimmer Room
  • Astrogator
  • The Omega Syndicate

What are the Awakenings albums

The Awakenings series of releases are designed to help support and
promote the live events, however you don't have to be playing at an
Awakenings event to submit a track, it is open to all.
Track length is not a problem, so go for it.

These albums are growing in popularity, and form a good platform to
get some exposure to people who may not have heard of you yet.

Volumes 1 and 1.5 etc

We always aim to release a 2cd set each time, but sometimes (usually !!)
there are more good submissions than space allows, even on a 2cd set.
In this case a "point five" album will also be released, usually around the
same time. What happens is that the more Ambient tracks are gathered
together on the point five album, and merged together to form a continuous
mix, so that it forms a drift-away ambient floating experience lasting the
whole album. Great care is taken that the tracks match together, and that
the whole album flows nicely in a tasteful way.

The 'normal' album will then contain the more up-beat tracks, usually the
more Berlin school type of thing, but very much not restricted to that, for
example space-rock is encouraged, as is experimental and 'different'
styles of music, the idea is to expand musical horizons not shrink them.
We also include where possible live tracks from Awakenings concerts.

What do you get paid

Artists get 'paid' with free copies of the released album, which are the
actual product as on sale. You can have as many as you like, however
quantities of 5 and over will attract the 'artist copy only' flash across the
cover and the cd face. Most people are happy with one copy.

What to do next

If you have got to here and still have not been put off the idea AND you
think that you have something to offer, please feel free to email us at
(you'll need to type that in)

Also take a look at the existing Awakenings albums on the main page
and check out the artists and types of music found on them. If you think
your stuff will fit, then please get in touch. Actually get in touch anyway !!