Lush textures and melodic elements, yet always
that ambient feeling. Yorky has a more thematic
and involving 'electronica' style

Dreams started out as a set of 'musical portraits' 
of various well-known artists. 'Neuronium' is fairly
obvious, 'Daliesque' is a portrait of Edgar Froese

Download here 

1. Neuronium


2. Daliesque Cloud Formation


3. Encore 8:40
4. (Crossing the) Rubycon 12:48

5. The Dream


6. Neuronium (dance mix) bonus track


Lord of Light
Inspired by the books ‘Lord of Light’ by Roger Zelazny,
and ‘Siddharta’ by Hermann Hesse

Download here 

1. Vision


2. Siddharta 17:20
3. Lord of Light 42:12


Daliesque Cloud Formation
Daliesque Cloud Formation started out as a track
on the ‘Dreams’ album but has since gained a life
of its own. Here are various versions collected
together, mostly unavailable anywhere else

Download here 
1. Daliesque Cloud Formation (single edit) 3:40
2. Dalekesk (John Sherwood)  4:33

3. Daliesque Whales


4. Daliesque Cloud Formation (album version)


5. Daliesque Variation


6. Daliesque Kommandoh


7. Daliesque Cloud Formation 12:43
    (live at AL2K3 Notting Hill)
8. Daliesque Steel Formation 16:18
    (live at Awakenings 9 Dec 2006)
Live in Lutton
Live in Lutton sees Yorky in the Dog Kennel studio in Lutton. 
Playing a selection of his own favourites from the studio albums

Download here 

1. Morcheeba


2. Grapes in Capes 5:21
3. Aliens in Lhasa   8:51
4. Chillout 6:36
5. Siddharta  14:38

6. The Journey


7. The Run



Sundances EP
Four storming tracks to fill your dancefloor. Really.
A bit more upbeat than the ‘traditional’ Yorky.
A lot more, actually.

Download here 

1. Dance in the Sun


2. Temple of the Sun 2:56
3. Touch the Sun 4:22
4. Sun Dance in Blue 5:27
Originally released in 2001 was the first release by Yorky. 
Only available online at the time, it is now reissued with 
revised artwork and tracks

Download here 

1. Grapes in Capes


2. Morcheeba 5:22
3. Aliens in Lhasa 8:38
4. Cold Fusion Run 6:26

5. The Run


6. Running in Slo-Mo


7. The Journey


8. Chillout 5:24
9. Solitude 8:40

The trip is space, the power is dance, the feeling is out 
there, the music is a voyage through the soul of the planets

Download here 

1. Mars


2. Venus 6:15
3. Neptune 9:12
4. Uranus 10:31

5. Saturn (the planet)


6. Saturn (the rings)


7. Jupiter


Desert Dream Echoes
Recorded live in Utrecht at the legendary Dark-Ambient-Net 
festival, plus some studio material making a full length album

Download here 

1. Canyon Drive


2. Desert Dream 14:47
3. Live at Ekko (Utrecht) 33:05
    containing Sphere, Weather,
    Daliesque Cloud Formation,
    Telephone, Dream Sequence,
    Railway, Aircraft, Neuronium


Lord of Light

The only mistake I made was listening to track 3 
(Lord of Light) in my car on the way home. 
I had listened to track 1 and 2 on the way to work, 
the player in my tiny rattle-trap car turned full-blast.

Track 1, Visions, is a stunning piece that has both
art and precision, like Pachebel, and emotional 
textures that shimmer as the object being examined 
unfolds itself.

Track 2, Siddartha, a piece that is like a journey, 
moves through countryside and urban scapes, 
through light and shadow twining both into a 
silver thread.

By the time I reached work (I drive about 45 minutes 
over rolling grasslands, ranchlands, past mountains 
and outcroppings of the high desert of Southern
Arizona), I was convinced that this was Yorky's finest 
album yet. Musically complex, yet subtle, it represented 
a creative maturity that really was stunning. 

When I left to ride through the red rock panorama 
in the setting sun, track 3 began to play. 
By the time I reached the first summit, the world 
had dissolved, my chakras were opening and I was 
completely swept up. 

At 42 minutes or so, this piece is a haunting 
tour-de-force that totally envelops you. 
The first third of the track (about 12 minutes 
or so) is a rising, undulating and quickening 
of something coming to life. Imagine Wagners 
brilliant but very short musical opening to 
Das Rheingold expanded to nearly 15 minutes 
and you'll have some idea of what this first 
section of the track is like. 

The middle third, like Siddartha, feels like a 
journey, but the emotional texture is very different, 
a journey across time, it unfolds in complicated 
cycles, like a journey through time and evolution. 

The third and final part is like a joy-filled passing, 
into a beyond somewhere. I am not a musician, 
I cannot review music by talking about the technical 
qualities and details that define the music. I can only 
describe in oblique metaphor what the music does 
to me, what it makes me feel, what it causes me to 
think about.

This album is utterly fantastic, exuding a spirit and 
an energy that seems so much more needed these 
days than when it was conceived. 
This unforgetable set of themes left me, honestly, 
speechless at the end of the trip. When I walked into 
the house, still speechless, my wife looked me over 
trying to figure out why I was so quiet. I handed her 
the CD. My wife listens to little ambient or electronica, 
but she fell in love with the CD... and knew why I was 
so quiet. 

This is stunning Electronica, I highly recommend it.

John Warner