René van der Wouden - Kaleidoscopic Surrealism

This release contains tracks composed and realized by René van der Wouden,
April 2000 and April 2003. All tracks are remixed and remastered in 
April 2007 by René van der Wouden for this Ambientlive Records release.

Instrumentation: Matrix 6, Prophet 600, Prodigy, AX80, JX8p, D50, DX7II, M1, 
S2r, EPS16plus, SC880, Absynth, Rhino, Reaktor & JV880

This album is René's most analogue sounding work up to now. 
Recorded with analogue synths, analogue mixers and an analogue Fostex
multitrack reel-to-reel recorder. Classic synthsounds, sequences and ambient
landscapes captured on analogue tape to get an impressionistic view of sound.

Tracks ...
1. Kaleidoscopic Image I  1:58         Play excerpt
2. Kadeiloscopic Dreams  11:14      Play excerpt
3. Kaleidoscopic Image II  8:56        Play excerpt
4. Confessions of a Color Machine  6:11     Play excerpt
5. Playground Mystique  4:06           Play excerpt
6. Changing Places  13:43                 Play excerpt
7. Surreal Darkness  10:56                Play excerpt
8. Kaleidoscopic Surrealism  10:31              Play excerpt

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