Phrozenlight - Starlight

One huge 65 minute track, totally ambient, totally spacey.

Tracks ...
1. Starlight  64:59

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Comments and reviews ....

Albums like this are very difficult to review because what you get is a sound environment that most people 
would be hard pressed, if you selected a point at random, to tell you exactly where on the CD you were. 
Yet there most certainly is progression in the sounds used, as well as their intensity but as there is no 
melody and very little added detail other than the drones, I find it very difficult to orientate myself- which 
might even be the point- you can lose all track of time. It is just a personal thing but if I try and listen to 
this all the way through (as I tried to for this review) my brain basically shuts down. There isn't anything 
for it to gets to grips with so it just meanders off in any direction but without latching onto any thought 
long enough to be of any use.

I know some people consider that pure ambient music such as this isn't really designed to be listened to. 
It is supposed to be on while you are doing other things - subtly affecting your mood while your concentration 
is elsewhere. This is a concept I find a little difficult to appreciate but there is no doubt that I got some positive 
feedback from customers concerning the first Phrozenlight album and many of the comments I am making 
about this album could also apply to that. The sonic palette used here though is new so might well effect the 
listener differently. In addition the first album was split into four tracks instead of just one so the listening
experience on that album was not as intense as we have here. On one final note, even though the title is 
'Starlight', I actually found the album quite 'dark'. 

David Law / Synth Music Direct