Phrozenlight - Shimmering Lights

This album holds four long tracks of very spacey ambient music.

Tracks ...
1. Infinite Void  17:30
2. Shimmering Lights  26:04
3. Arctic Snow  17:03
4. Phase One  13:03

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Comments and reviews ....

Tranquil tones float above windy effects on the well titled 'Infinite Void'. You can just imagine being 
suspended in nothingness but seeing strange lights and nebulae clouds in the far away distance. 
As you will have probably guessed already this is a very atmospheric 'ambient' album. It's all about 
evolving soundscapes without a rhythm or sequence to be heard. The feel of desolation and being 
on the edge of things but not taking any part persist throughout. The title track continues with what 
to me appeared like a very similar palette of sounds thus mood and feel to the opener, though if 
anything the feeling of isolation is even greater. Even with such images coming to mind however 
the feeling isn't cold. There is a warmth to proceedings. We might be alone and devoid of stimuli
but even so there is a sort of comforting numbness to it all.

'Arctic Snow' kicks off with warbling sounds and the faintest of hints of a wolf howl. I suppose there 
is a slightly more crystalline feel to proceedings but the shifting drones that provide the main base 
blanket over which the subtle effects shimmer keeps up the consistency from the proceeding tracks. 
'Phase One' is even 'windier' than its predecessors and is also a little more percussive as metallic 
clangs punctuate a backing which is slightly more aggressive sounding and edgier than anything 
else on the CD.

One of the most 'spaced out' albums you are ever likely to hear. 

David Law / Synth Music Direct