Phobos - Darkness Within

A brand new album from a new artist Phobos.
76 minutes of total ambient immersion, check the
extracts in the link below. Very very chilled and spacey

Tracks ...
There's only one, the whole thing
1. Darkness Within     76:18

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Reviews ...

As the title suggests, Darkness Within is not an easy listening or new age album.
Over the course of 76 minutes, Phobos takes us to the darkest limits of ambient music, without ever
losing direction through tuneless drones and noise. Setting the scene, the first few minutes treat the
listener to low growling rumbles, huge synth washes, and sinister melodies buried deep within the mix.
What could be tinkling percussion hidden behind layers of epic reverb helps the music drift into both
inner space and outer space. While the track is long, and features nothing in the way of discernable
rhythm, it should not be presumed it is boring or repetitive. The tone, while dark, varies, with moments
of brightness and beauty such as the major key chords at 12 minutes and water sounds near the half
hour mark. The record never heads too deep into darkness without coming up for air, and equally never
sits in the sun too long before delving back into moodier passages once more.
After over an hour of slowly moving but ever-changing ambience, the piece draws to a close as a
beautiful section with melancholy choir and strings morphs into nothingness, leaving only a sense
that a darkness has indeed worked its way within.

Ross Baker