Peter Tedstone - Time and Motion

Time & Motion is the final part of the "Time Trilogy" albums.
Sequences, atmospheric passages and soaring leads mixed with 
the driving forces of English School aggressiveness and percussion.
Based on the format of the previous two "Time" albums, Timeslip 
and Timestorm, Time & Motion also adds a new element with a 
carefully crafted virtual lead guitar sound, lashing out heavy chords 
and screaming solos.

Tracks ...
1. Astral Projector  5.24
2. Alternative Marriji 
3. Time 
4. Motion 

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Comments and reviews ....

This is the third in his 'Time' series and once again, right from the
beautifully mellotron washed opener, he comes up with a real Berlin
School pleaser. Wonderful thick analogue sounds abound supporting the
tron and of course sequences take a leading role both in melody and as
an exciting driving force. There is also a gentler, even tender side
portrayed. I would even go as far as to describe it as pure joy,
especially in the use of nicely bouncing rhythms and uplifting virtual
guitar. It just wouldn't seem right though for such an album to be in a
completely 'positive' mood so there are also the occasional brooding
moments such as on the third track, the rhythms this time imparting a
dark determination battling against the more euphoric sequence, a
searing lead line arcing between the opposing forces. If anything the
last track is even more powerful, the snarling lead and earth shaking
pulsations being quite devastating, finishing proceedings with a real
snarl. It reminded me a little of the heavier moments from Edgar
Froese's 'Ages'. If you are a fan of analogue sounding sequencer and
mellotron based music this should be well up your street. I certainly
enjoyed it immensely. Every track was worth a listen but especially
that last twenty-three minute piece was quite awesome! 

David Law / Synth Music Direct

About Peter Tedstone ....

Peter started playing music at around the age of eight, learning the violin and
recorder at school and also used to bash away at his father's piano. During his
teens Peter attempted to teach himself the guitar without much success, being left
handed was probably a contributing aspect but this didn't stop him being in several
teen bands though.
Peter started playing keyboards with various 'pub' bands in the late seventies and
early eighties and following a visit to the first UK Electronica at Milton Keynes,
decided to launch a solo career and released 'Eve of Dawn' in 1983.
After his third album 'Prismatic' was released in 1984, Peter was invited by Andy G
(of Lotus Records, who sold  Peter's albums) to play in the afternoon set at
Stafford Gatehouse Theater at UK Electronica 1986. Peter was then invited back to
the next year's UK Electronica as opening support to the evening headliners, 
Peter continued to release albums up to the end of the decade by which time, with
the advent of digital samplers, his music had taken on a more experimental vein.
Peter then decided to take a few years off and returned to his solo work in 2000.
Peter released the techno influenced album 'Dreamstates' in 2001 and 'Zwölf' released
in 2002 was a very successful album of melodic EM. In 2007 Peter recorded
'Timeslip', the first of his Berlin School inspired albums in the 'Time' series.
Peter has also started a series of space ambient albums, the first of these was the
free download, 'Dark Memories' followed by the 'Origins of Species' album.