AmbientLive 2K3 "Notting Hill" 

Live recording from the amazing AmbientLive 2K3 event at 
the Notting Hill Arts Club on 31 May 2003 where 4m33s and 
HyperEx Machina did alternate short sets in a continuous mix. 
There were two sections to the show, ambient and beaty. 
This release contains the best parts of both sets on one CD.
The companion bonus CD contains more great stuff, including 
a huge ambient jam track

Tracks ....
1. HyperEx Machina - NotCage  3:28
2. HyperEx Machina - Dec Inc 
3. HyperEx Machina - I am HyperEx Machina 

4. 4m33s - Atomsphere 
5. HyperEx Machina - Divine Flow with Cold Joy 
6. 4m33s - The Ritual part 4 
7. HyperEx Machina - Dark Ages 
8. 4m33s - Neuronium 
9. HyperEx Machina - Lest We Forget 
10. HyperEx Machina - 4 Seasonings (Herbs) 
11. HyperEx Machina - Hyper13 
12. 4m33s - Daliesque Cloud Formation 

Free with every copy of 'Notting Hill' is the Bonus Album,
containing one more live track, then the huge ambient jam 
done the following day in HyperEx Machina's studio, and 
finally an alternative version of the 4m33s classic 'Atomsphere'

1. HyperEx Machina - Fanfare (live at Notting Hill)  5:16
2. 4m33s and HyperEx Machina - The Afternoon 
              (after the night before)  53:34
3. 4m33s Atomsphere (Electrons version)  12:31



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Comments and reviews ....

We start with a very effective track 'NotCage'. A nice little 
melody stands in isolation echoing into the distance. A 
slightly overdriven bass twang comes to join it followed by 
lovely electronic shimmers. Soft drones take us into 'Dec Inc'. 
It's a rather relaxing piece with something of a symphonic feel.
Percussive piano acts as a bridge to 'I am HyperEx Machina'.
The tranquillity from before is still here but there is a slightly
edgier feel. A melodic guitar loop strikes up along with wispy
unintelligible chatter, pads swelling underneath. 

The baton is now passed from HyperEx to 4m33s as we float
into 'Atomsphere'. A tinkling little loop is the main focus
throughout the track though there is constant shift to the 
backing sounds. It all becomes quite hypnotic actually. 
For the next 5 tracks we alternate between HyperEx and 
4m33s so the baton is handed back for 'Divine Flow with Cold
Joy'. The pace quickens as a chugging sequence nestles in 
the middle of the mix. At about the half way mark we get a
passage of carefree drift before fore a squelchy rhythm takes
us closer to the end. 

On 'The Ritual Part 4', fizzing high register drones give way 
to a really big church organ sound which eventually fades 
back to atmospherics. At first all is quite calm and relaxed 
but tension builds with a hissing sound, sonic rumbles and
whooshes then metallic percussion, all going together to give
things a rather uneasy feel. Quite out of the blue, with just 
over a minute to go, in comes a quite delightful melodic loop. 
A lovely way to finish. 

`Dark Ages' is all rather moody with a repeated slow four note
motif providing some structure over which a rhythm bounces, 
the motif developing into a more substantial melody as we go.

'Neuronium' must surely have been inspired by the group as 
there are a couple of very familiar melodies in there that I really
should be able to identify but just don't have time to blow the 
dust off my old vinyl. I am sure they are fairly early though.
4m33s has put it all together very nicely. 

The next three tracks are all by HyperEx Machina 'Lest we
Forget' is a very pleasant track with a hint of melancholy. 
The lead line uses a curious sound, sort of half way between
keyboard and guitar. A shuffling rhythm picks up the pace 
nicely. '4 Seasonings extract (vl Herbs)' is a syncopated
track with a real mean edge. Quite a groove is developed, 
just wish it could have gone on for longer. Muffled explosions
get 'Hyper 13' underway, then throbbing electronic machine 
type noises and sonic twangs. An excellent lead and very 
quirky rhythm certainly gives it oomph. It's all rather fun 
actually, something I don't usually associate with HyperEx
Machina (sorry!). 

4m33s finishes the first CD with 'Daliesque Cloud Formation'.
A slow steady bass drum provides the base for a high hat line
then deep rumbles and other loops. A high register sequence
also joins in the party. It's all rather melodic actually. Lead
lines become more prominent as we progress, as does 
sampled text. 

This CD is by far the most accessible of any disc I have 
heard by either of these acts before.

The second disc is labelled as a Bonus Album and I did find
it a much more challenging listening experience.
Things start excellently with 'Fanfare' by HyperEx Machina. 
A very appealing melodic flourish issues forth then a rapid 
rotor blade type sequence comes to join it. Before we know
it the five-minute duration is up. 'The Afternoon (after the night
before)' combines both bands and begins with a rather urgent
sequence, though it is quite low in the mix. Things then speed
up, slow down and morph in various ways but it didn't really do
enough to keep my attention for its over fifty minute duration.
The final track is a different version of `Atmosphere', this time
by 4m33s. I still prefer the version from the first disc.  

David Law / Synth Music Direct / MusicZeit