Noise Kommandoh

Ambient soundscapes give way to industrial 
clangs and bangs, eventually a beat will come 
in, driving the whole thing forwards

Steel Life
From the opening track 'Metallic' you know what you're in for, 
lots of long edgey soundscapes, industrial clangs/bangs, and 
insistent beats. But then the huge 'Steelphony' starts up, and 
you are transported to some alien factory planet, this is total 
immersion, of the nicest kind.

1. Metallic


2. Steelphony


3. Steel Life 20:32
4. Steel Sky 3:14

5. A New Metal (remix of Metallic)


Carbon Iron Oxygen
The music on this album was inspired by a visit to the 
incredible 'Magna' steel museum in Sheffield, England. 
Hence the strong 'steel' theme running through the 
tracks on this album.

1. Steel


2. Railway 2:59
3. Plasmastreams 1:22

4. Steelworks


5. Lunaria 15:18
6. Weather 2:21
7. Steel Storm 12:00
8. Steel Chimes 2:31
9. Steel Dance 15:46

Spirit of the Steel
More ambient than usual, but then this is NK so it’s all 
very eerie, with lots of long edgey soundscapes, industrial 
clangs/bangs, and subdued beats. More ‘spacey’ than the
other albums, more ‘immersive’ even
1. Bluelight 10:21
2. Steel Spirit  25:28

3. Blue Steel


Spirit of the Radio
This was an internet radio broadcast on 8 May 2004
Features live versions of many tracks from the albums

1. Steel Storm


2. Plasmastreams 1:11
3. Blue Steel   10:52
4. Stainless Steel 8:55
5. Steel Chimes  1:28

6. Lunaria


7. Midnight Chimes


8. A New Metal 8:48


Live in Lutton
Noise Kommandoh records a super live set in the Dog 
Kennel. Playing a selection of ‘Steel’ tracks of course, 
that you will know from the studio albums

1. Steel


2. Plasmastreams 1:40
3. Stainless Steel 17:55
4. Blue Steel 17:35
5. Steel Chimes 2:37
6. Steel Storm 20:27
Steel Dream
Continuing the “Steel Trilogy” this is the second album.
Recorded at Rue Artan, Brussels, mixed in the Dog Kennel
Track 1 is a classic ‘clangs and bangs’ track.
Track 2 is a bit of a keyboard wig-out.
Track 3 is an ambient soundscape lasting over half an hour

1. Steel Wind


2. Solid Steel 20:20
3. Steel Dream 31:00