Eppie E Hulshof - Besucher aus dem Kosmos

Eppie refers to his work as 'stone age sequencing' and fans of Berlin School
music will definitely not be disappointed. Fans of Klaus Schulze will also be
surprised at the tracks on here. In fact it's all round excellent from Eppie.
The title means 'Cosmic Explorer' and the music certainly lives up to that 
name, swirling ambience and beautiful sequences, sometimes gentle, and
sometimes powerful. Total class.

Tracks ....
1. Von Haulshoven 
2. Hunebed Roll Sequence 
3. Cyborg Conversation 
4. Öckeghwühll 

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Reviews ....

It was great to hear from Eppie again and with this album he has created his best work to date. 
If you are into Berlin School music it is a real must have. 'Von Haulshoven' whooshes into existence 
then settles down to lovely choral pads before massed strings take over, sounding all so Schulzian. 
This is a very impressive start. A slow bass pulse echoes out. More pulses solidify into a sequence 
and in no time at all we are hurtling along wonderfully. The sequence mutates this way and that 
eventually settling down to a slower more reflective pace. Again there are the obvious references 
to Klaus Schulze but I would also say that there is a little Rolf Trostel is there. Another sequence 
is added and the pace starts to increase once more and an exquisite, very analogue sounding lead 
line (think of ''Body Love' / 'X') takes centre stage. With an opener of this standard it will surely be 
hard to keep up the quality throughout the rest of the album. Let's see. 'Hunebed Roll Sequence' 
initially stills the racing pulse with melancholy pads- but only for a few seconds as a ball breaking 
bass sequence is suddenly deployed like a salvo of shells exploding all around. Again it mutates 
wonderfully. This has a feel of AirSculpture at their most energetic. Even though the power is immense, 
these are no random notes or twist and turn. Instead there is loads of melody in the pulsations that 
keep the attention locked on as I wonder where I am going to be taken next. Just when it is all getting 
almost too much the sequence subsides and a two-note throb takes over.

OK, that's enough of a break. The sequence returns bucking like a wild stallion. We are given another 
short break then a slower sequence is deployed along with a nice bass line. The technique here is for 
the sequence to act as lead line as well as driving force. 'Cyborg Conversation' starts with beautiful 
flutey synth over soft shimmering backing. A slow tinkling sequence rises to the surface. It is joined 
by another couple but without breaking the delicate atmos created thus far. A wordless choral lead 
hovers above it all before descending to soft pads in the eighth minute. A sort of heartbeat arrives low 
in the mix but this is gentle stuff, the main feature being an almost angelic lead line. 'Ockeghwuhll' 
has a rather violent crashing start. This is aggressive brooding stuff. The initial overture dies away 
and we get just as powerful a sequencer barrage. It's all underpinned by mellotron in classic fashion. 
Free System Project at their most forceful came to mind. What a blast! Highly recommended to 
sequencer maniacs. 

David Law
/ Synth Music Direct

Listening to Besucher Aus Dem Kosmos, is a treat to a fabulous journey into
the various temporal spheres of EM of the analog years. Eppie E.Hulshof
travels the road of EM pioneers of the S70’s, and even the more contemporary
years, by offering a solid opus which will revive the nostalgic flames,
while initiating a new public to the roots of the pure EM. 

Faithful to the cosmic structures of the wonders years, Von Haulshoven
starts on a heavy wind propelling its sound effects beyond mellotrons
laments. A beautiful moulding movement that waltz with the starry shadows,
colouring to perfection the sea of peace. Light pulsations animate a
hesitant rhythm, which takes its sequence flight on a tempo moderated by an
orchestral mellotron. Rapturous, the sequencer offers a dubious line, slowly
dancing of a harmonious prose on the wake of a mellotron fluty and a synth
with fluid solos. A beautiful start that continues on Hunebed Roll Sequence.
A title in constant evolution on heavy, spiral and loopy sequences, which
cascade in a narrow irrational corridor. A crossing between Redshift and
Ramp, with typical echotic passages of the 70’s. 

Cyborg Conversation is a beautiful minimalism movement with an hypnotic
sequencer that hooks with is methodical and slurry tempo, a little like the
best of Keller Schonwalder amazing beats, with luxurious synths and spectral
chorus in the back ground. Hypnotic and bewitching, Eppie E.Hulshof exploits
with wonder the sonorities of years ago, with long sinuous solos on fluid
synthetic pads. A good title that respects its linear frame, with fine
harmonious modulations. The effect of the voices, melted with the
androgynies movements of synths, is extremely well done. Around the 8th
minute, Cyborg Conversation takes a more atmospheric tangent with floating
synths, recalling the analog ambiance of Schulze Body Love. By far, the most
beautiful title on this imposing opus. 

The influence of Schulze is still presents on the cacophonous and orchestral 
opening of Öckeghwüll. After this short delirious, Eppie E.Hulshof transfers us 
onto the paths of Tangerine Dream with a superb sequence passage, worthy 
of the good moments of Chris Franke. A percussion sequence with intense 
doubled blooms. Synths are floating and spectral, excavating the debris of 
Phaedra area. 

Besucher Aus Dem Kosmos is a superb album. A beautiful timeless voyage which
flows with harmony and which inspires quietude, while flooding us of this so
unique sonority of the bohemian and complex art of EM, to the borders of
this melodious universe, in suspension with our emotions. Eppie E.Hulshof
offers a solid opus which will please all of those who miss the analog years
as well as beginners who can have the chance to fell what we all miss.
Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness