HyperEx Machina

Steve Munslow definately has his own "sound" 
and very nice it is too. Sometimes quite intense, 
sometimes sparse, but always with that "edge" 
that defines the artist as different. In a nice way.

Cold Winters of Snow
Three long tracks depicting the cold emptiness of winter.
Yet this contains a warmth that glows from within.
You'll know you've been there
Cold Winters of Snow Longform
Steve has started out in the Longform area by creating a 
longform ambient version of his "normal" album Cold Winters of Snow. Different, vast and immersive     2 CD set

1. Cold Winters of Snow


2. Second Impression


3. Third Impression 17:47
CD 1
1. Cold Winters of Snow  69:20
CD 2
1. Second Impression 69:42


Dimension Home
From the opening track 'It's Got to Start Somewhere' 
you know that it definately has started somewhere, 
and it gets bigger and better as it progresses. 
Instantly recognisable as HyperEx Machina yet
also moving further along in development. Nice.
Dimension Home Longform
Steve has also created a longform ambient version of 
his "normal" album Dimension Home.
Again different, vast and immersive     2 CD set

1. It's Got to Start Somewhere


2. Pan Dimensional Dining Room


3. Three Dimensions 19:12
4. Dimension Five and Three Quarters 21:24
5. Dimension Home 14:45
CD 1
1. The Nth Dimension  62:53
CD 2
1. Height, Width, Depth, Home 62:08


Remembrance charts the final months of the First World War 
and the uneasy peace that followed. The album was inspired 
by the writings of Siegfried Sassoon, Pat Barker and Wilfred 
Owen, to whom the track "War Poet" is dedicated. 
The second CD contains bonus tracks and remixes
CD 1

Remembrance Suite


1. At the Rear


2. War Poet


3. Imbroglio 8:13
4. Death of a Hero 7:15
5. Battles End 7:46
6. In Memorium 5:04
7. Victorious 6:27
8. Remembrance 2:08
9. Lest We Forget 4:44
10. The War to End All Wars 6:43



11. 4m33s - Victory Reversed 7:38
12. 4m33s - War Poet Interpretation 2:42
13. Negative Thought - The Trench 3:03
CD 2
No Man's Land Suite
1. No Man's Land part 1 25:10
2. No Man's Land part 2 11:16
3. No Man's Land part 3 5:28
4. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 7:06
5. 4m33s - In a Foreign Field 5:46
6. Negative Thought - Voices 7:23
7. HyperEx Machina - End Game 8:32
8. 4m33s - Elegy for a Forgotten Hero 8:57
Red Stars
Containing one huge track, HyperEx Machina at his finest.
Never a boring second in the whole thing, this is a 'train journey'
into the realms of your imagination. Set it going and sit back, 
and let HyperEx take over

1. Red Stars


Anthem for a Dying Race
This is up there with the best work that HyperEx Machina has 
ever done. He has added guitar to his sonic pallette, and the 
effect is amazing. The guitar adds an extra dimension to the 
recognisable HyperEx sound, it takes you places

1. Higher Ground


2. Anthem for a Dyning Race


3. Calming Thoughts 9:36
4. Celestial Machinery 22:07

Divine Flow with Cold Joy
Divine Flow with Cold Joy initially started out as a track on an earlier 
album, but it was too good, and a further 3 parts just had to be added. 
Add to that the anthemic The Pulse Quickens and 3 more tracks, and
you have this, one of HyperEx Machina's best albums

1. Divine Flow with Cold Joy


    (i) Overture
    (ii) The Realm of Sins
    (iii) Absolution
    (iv) Poetry
2. The Pulse Quickens 8:17
3. Facing North 5:29
4. In the Blink of an I 7:43
5. Jaeo 0 8:02

The Galileo Suite
A suite of tracks dedicated to the life and work of Galileo Galilei
(1564-1642). Most of these tracks consist of two live parts, one 
a Roland MC-307, the other a microKorg

1. Io


2. Europa


3. Gannymede 8:40
4. Callisto 5:19
5. Sunspots 13:19
6. Proving the Copernican system 5:01
7. De Motu 5:15
8. The Little Balance 3:07
9. Heretic 4:16

As Long As It Makes a Noise
(The Live Album)

This album contains pieces from three separate performances
- Awakenings Leeds
- Awakenings Branston
- Rota London

1. Preaching to the Converted


2. Dimension Jump 


3. Dead Trees Dancing 8:29

Dark Thoughts in Sunlights Glare
Dark Thoughts in Sunlights Glare is a bit different, in that there
is only one track. But it is an absolutely huge album-length track.
One huge piece of work, totally immersive

1. Dark Thoughts in Sunlights Glare


If Shakespeare Had the Bomb
Musing on what might have ben, what could have been.
Includes the track Divine Flow with Cold Joy which later
became an album in its own right

1. Divine Flow with Cold Joy


2. If Shakespeare Had the Bomb


3. The Four Seasonings 17:46
    (i) Fanfare
    (ii) Salt
    (iii) Pepper
    (iv) Garlic
    (v) Herbs
4. Now Kubrick is Dead 8:21

Contains the extended 5-part title track, a masterpiece of the 
Ambient genre, gradually increasing in intensity through the 5 
parts, taking in sequences, and eventually finishing with a 
guitar blow-out in the final part. 'Midnight Remembered' is a 
re-make of a classic HyperEx Machina track from way back, 
and the album is rounded out with the bonus track 'Underture'

1. Slowburn


    Part 001 14:07
    Part 010 11:51
    Part 011 12:57
    Part 100 9:11
    Part 101 9:55
2. Midnight Remembered 11:20
3. Underture 5:09

Live at AL2K1
This is the live set that HyperEx Machina did at the legendary 
AmbientLive 2K1 gig, the inaugural event of AmbientLive. In fact 
HyperEx was the first artist ever to perform. Lots of classics from
that time, plus a few upcoming ones, such as from 'Remembrance'

1. Please Keep Calm


2. Vanishing


3. Book of the Dead 4:32
4. Incurable 8:31
5. In Time 3:42
6. Midnight Remembered 8:55
7. Dementia 5:10
8. Three Sided Square 7:49
9. RTK (bonus track) 16:18
10. Dark Ages (bonus track) 5:09

The Ritual Guitar Version
Steve takes Sherwood's The Ritual and adds an
extra dimension - Guitar. The result takes the
original into another realm
The Ritual Beats Version
Steve takes Sherwood's The Ritual and adds an
extra dimension - Drums. The result takes the
original into another beaty realm

1. Space


2. Earth


3. Man 13:44
4. Ritual 20:03
5. Epilogue 8:21
1. Space  15:10
2. Earth 15:17
3. Man 13:51
4. Ritual 20:02
5. Epilogue



This Dark Plague
This is a Steve Munslow project and it definitely has his 
own "sound" sometimes intense, sometimes sparse, but 
always that "edge" that defines the artist as different. 
Sabbath Mist
Four long tracks that run as a continuous piece.
Graveyard scenes for the adventurous
Sabbath Mist Longform
Steve takes the original album and creates a longform
ambient version
      2 CD set

1. Part 1 : Something Stirs


2. Part 2 : Befogged


3. Part 3 : The Seventh Day 14:48
4. Part 4 : All Will Be Clear 21:40
CD 1
1. Lost in the Fog 68:49
CD 2
1. Grave Error 60:12



Anthem for a Dying Race

Four long tracks that give you the time to get totally immersed. 
Then the use of the guitar elevates your mood, totally rewarding. 
Tracks that seem initially simple unfold into a complex array of 
layers building and developing into a wonderful musical experience.