HyperEx Machina - 
Divine Flow with Cold Joy

Divine Flow with Cold Joy initially started out as a track on an earlier 
album, but it was too good, and a further 3 parts just had to be added. 
Add to that the anthemic The Pulse Quickens and 3 more tracks, and
you have this, one of HyperEx Machina's best albums.

Tracks ....
1. Divine Flow with Cold Joy 
      i   Overture
      ii  The Realm of Sins
      ii   Absolution
      iv  Poetry
2. The Pulse Quickens 
3. Facing North 
4. In the Blink of an I 
5. Jaeo 0 

'Divine Flow with Cold Joy' was originally a track an another
album, called 'If Shakespeare Had the Bomb'. But it was 
such a good track that HyperEx found himself doing another
three parts to it, the result being the suite that makes up 
track one of this album.

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