HyperEx Machina - "Anthem for a Dying Race"

This is up there with the best work that HyperEx Machina has ever done.
He has added guitar to his sonic pallette, and the effect is amazing.
The guitar adds an extra dimension to the recognisable HyperEx sound, 
it takes you places.


Tracks ....
1. Higher Ground 
2. Anthem for a Dying Race 
3. Calming Thoughts 
4. Celestial Machinery

Four long tracks that give you the time to get totally 
immersed. Then the use of the guitar elevates your 
mood, totally rewarding. Tracks that seem initially 
simple unfold into a complex array of layers building 
and developing into a wonderful musical experience.

Price (post free worldwide) 8.95 

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HyperEx Machina's
Virb Page - listen
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