Dutch Space Mission -
Masters of Space and Time

This has got to be the space/electronic release of the year.
Two great exponents of the genres, Eppie E Hulshof and
Bert Hulshoff have got together to produce this amazing
album. Try the MySpace page to hear some extracts.

Tracks ...
1. Die Stimme des Alls  16.00
2. Kosmonautentraum 
3. E.G.B.R.T 
4. Master of Time and Space 

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Dutch Space Mission
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Comments and reviews ....

Dutch Space Mission are really Eppie Hulshof and Bert Hulshoff. Lovely lush half vocal pads provide a soothing 
but also ethereal start to 'Die Stimme Des Alls'. Gradually darker drones take a hold punctuated by some excellent 
twittering electronic effects. A first rate sequence gradually emerges then fades away again, keeping re-emerging 
and disappearing. All the time a wonderful but mournful cello melody almost weeps over the top. This is a very 
impressive start (with just a hint of Schulze). A deep bass throb takes over and another very Schulzian sequence 
rises to the surface. Things just get better and better as an additional sequence- a belting hundred mile an hour one, 
full of power and aggression erupts from the speakers. We build an enormous pure Berlin School head of steam then
things suddenly decay to windy pads and what sounds like NASA samples as we drift off serenely into space.

We continue on in a similar state of float for the beginning of 'Kosmonautentraum'. This is well out there cosmic stuff 
with loads of lush overlaid constantly shifting pads and accompanying electronic twitters. Just when we are completely 
blissed out another sequence explodes on the scene, even faster, more powerful and awesome than on the opener. 
More sequences are added and they morph around each other wonderfully- this is so exciting! The pulsating mayhem 
develops something of a melodic quality- but this is melody with a mean bite. We return to the cosmos all too soon.

'E.G.B.E.R.T.' is all rather dark and eerie, hinting that there might be something rather unpleasant out there. A similar 
mood is taken through to 'Master of Time and Space' but if anything the atmosphere is even spookier. Half heard chatter 
mixes with ethereal pads and deep chimes. A slow sequence starts up and gradually builds but it is quite sedate and 
melodic one so also acts as a sort of lead line. It's really nice, getting under the skin causing the head to gently nod in 
time to the pulsations. A good track to finish a very enjoyable album. 

David Law / Synth Music Direct

Each hybridization gives a result where the prevalence of one out of the two subjects is accentuated. 
The synthetic coupling of Eppie E Hulshof, a creator of heavy sequences, and Phrozenlight, a master 
in his way of long ambient and soporific tirades, is in conformity with its reality. 

Masters of Space and Time, of Dutch Space Mission, is collaboration between 2 musical illusionists 
to sequencers antipodes, thus the influence of Phrozenlight prevails on the multidirectional sequences 
of Von Haulshoven. Not that Masters of Space and Time is bad or atonics, but it is the kind of union 
where one puffs out the other. Die Stimme of Alls begins with synth tainted by slow and sinuous 
orchestrations which are moulding as such a bow on a metal surface. Fine rung circles float with a 
passive harmony, colouring this slow intro of a reserved life which becomes animating by the first 
sudden starts of a heavy and stroboscopic sequencer turning in a court artificial delirious. Space 
voices and sound effects calm this mini tornado to embrace the ethereal waves of a cosmic breath. 

Kosmonautentraum presents a similar structure, where the ambient touch dominates and restricts 
the sequencers moves. A little as if Hulshof gave a strong hand to Phrozenlight. And if the ambient 
touch, with raucous ethers attracts you, E.G.B.R.T is build to satisfy your taste. We have to wait 
until the title track to brush against a continuously sequential movement. 

Master of Time and Space takes again a light beat animate by a sequence with the bass and felted 
keys, like the delicate steps of a Tibetan monk. Beautiful pulsations escape filtering an environment 
of heavy waves which progress on a slightly more animated tangent, with clearer keys, rung which 
slip like a musical poem. A little as Klaus Schulze’s Crystal Lake. By far, the best track on this album. 

Masters of Space and Time is not unpleasant. I must admit that I expected a little more sequences 
and a little less of ambient, of abstract. But when the half, and more, of an album is good, we can 
say that Dutch Space Mission made a success of its entry. I would have appreciated to see a little 
more of Phrozenlight universe poetically ambient to burst under the explosive sequences of Eppie E 
Hulshof, it is the opposite. Making of Masters of Space and Time, a continuity of Phrozenlight works. 
A good album which leaves us on our appetite. 

Sylvain Lupari / Guts of Darkness