Band of Rain - Sun in VIII

Band of Rain is basically multi-instrumentalist Chris Gill and multiple guest artiists.
"Sun in VIII" is the fourth album from Band of Rain.

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1. Automaton
2. Dragonsacre
3. Ghost Planes of The Peak District
4. I Appear To Be Floating
5. Rhiannon
6. Sun in VIII
7. A Girl From Space
8. The Flying Dutchman
9. Twilight Fayre
10. Windchimes of 1944s


Reviews ...

Chris Gill may best be known to readers of this forum as the vocalist on Mooch's "Dr Silbury's Liquid Brainstem Band," 
"1967," "1968a" and "The Pagan Year" albums, but his main group, Band Of Rain, have released three albums since 
their debut in 2004, with "Sun In VIII" being their fourth. Band Of Rain tread a fascinating tightrope that links gothic rock, 
progressive and spacey synth rock, with "Garlands" being their most popular work. The new music harks back to that 
album as it wends its way through a varied and compelling series of cuts. Opening with the mesmeric, vocoder-infused 
'Automaton,' Chris Gill's unique style of guitar playing, merging and melding solo lines together, is much in evidence, 
as it is on 'Dragonsacre,' which at nine minutes is the longest track on the album. This cut adds Ria Parfitt's vocals to 
the mix, to great effect, while the guitar work at the end is superb: classic Chris Gill. 
' Ghost Planes Of The Peak District' begins with eerie radio effects and other sounds, before a slow, stomping, 
synth-infused rocker emerges, emphasising heavier guitar styles. 'I Appear To Be Floating' is a brief, floaty delight that 
echoes the early Band Of Rain style but which is a little beauty in its own right. 'Rhiannon' is a curious, part Celtic, 
part Oriental instrumental cut with loads of synths and keyboard instruments, before the gothic lope of the title track 
comes along, with multiply tracked guitars and spectral synths; another great cut. 'Girl From Space' emphasises the 
spacier, experimental side of the band, while 'The Flying Dutchman' is heavy - almost metal-heavy - with wailing guitars 
and epic synths; and some very nice bass. 'Twilight Fayre' is more uptempo and continues the gothic mood, with a 
great mix of lighter, synth based sections and heavier acid guitar work-outs; an album highlight. 
'Windchimes 1944' closes the album with sound effects, weird guitars and keyboards in atmospheric style. 
For fans of this excellent band "Sun In VIII" will be welcomed, while those who like their spacerock varied and 
synth-heavy, though with the appropriate level of psychedelia and more than a touch of the gothic, should definitely 
check the album out. 

Steve Palmer - Terrascope Online (Aug 20, 2011)