Awakenings 2005

The first Awakenings album was a 3CD set.
Featuring tracks by many artists including ...
Radio Massacre International
The Omega Syndicate
Ron Boots

1. Binar - Curious Things Inside the Snowmine 
2. Create - Surface Control 
3. HyperEx Machina - The Pulse Quickens 
4. Vietgrove - Saragossa II 
5. Radio Massacre International - Sherwood's Special 
6. Modulator ESP - Transpatial 
7. 4m33s - Atomsphere (live) 
8. The Omega Syndicate - Mission 11 
9. Awen - Ko (live) 

1. HyperEx Machina - Divine Flow with Cold Joy part 4 
2. Airsculpture - Untitled So Far 
3. The Glimmer Room - 707 
4. Skin Mechanix - Ultravista 
5. Second Thought - Machine 
6. Awen - Ocean of Joy 
7. Ganzfeld - We Are Your Audience 
8. Ron Boots - Spherics 
9. Ganzfeld - Test Object 
10. Joint Intelligence Committee - Hot; Pot; Supper 
11. Second Thought - Rooftops 

1. 4m33s - Marsh-Wisps Scatter at Dawn 
2. Create – Slipstream 
3. Modulator ESP – Dark Star Voyage (live) 
4. The Omega Syndicate – Rave-o-Lution 


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This album is supplied in 3 slim jewel cases not in the dvd case as shown

Reviews ...

This 3cdr set is a perfect blend of tracks, many of them unreleased, by heavy hitters like Radio Massacre 
International, Ron Boots, and Airsculpture, alongside plenty of strong new material by lesser knowns and unknowns.

Case in point is the excellent Berlin school frenzy of Awen’s “Ko”, which closes out disc one in energetic fashion. 
The synth solo threatens to spiral out of control, the pounding beat will get your foot tapping, and the end result 
will be a smile on the face of most any EM fan. Awen, as well as several other newcomers, have two contributions 
on this set – others include 4m33s, Ganzfeld, HyperEx Machina, and Modulator ESP, none of whom I was familiar 
with before listening to this collection. Each offers something worthy to add to the mix, as do others.

For example, Vietgrove’s “Saragossa II” is a soothing blend of ambient textures, Teutonic musings, and hints of 
guitar here and there. Completists will surely want to grab this collection for items like Airsculpture’s “Untitled So Far”,
a different take on their usual moody improvisations, as it has a steady throbbing beat that is rarely found in their music.
A simple repeating bass line, high metallic sounds, and a soft but active lead synth make an effective combination.
Likewise, the dreamy dark soundscapes of “Sherwood’s Special” will be a must for the serious Radio Massacre 
International fan. Most of the material is in easily digestible chunks ranging from 5-10 minutes, with the exception 
of disc three. The highlight there is Create’s “Slipstream” a 24-½ minute epic that develops much like Steve Humphries’
heroes, Airsculpture. Beginning with dreamy reverie, it segues seamlessly into crisp percussion and sequencing, thick 
synth pads, and a fluty lead line.

It is just one of many highlights to be explored on this extensive collection.

Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

Well, three CDs containing over three hours forty-five minutes of music can't be bad! We have tracks provided by well 
known favourites such as Binar, RMI, Skin Mechanix and AirSculpture plus some of the more successful new kids on 
the block: The Omega Syndicate, Create and The Glimmer Room. That is not all though as this collection also provides 
an opportunity for some of those artists who are currently just 'bubbling under the surface' to be heard. Binar are 
represented by 'Curious Things Inside the Snowmine' combining nice body moving beats with fitting samples and 
melodies. It's a good track but there are much better ones on their recent albums.

The track by Create 'Surface Control' on the other hand is probably the best track I have heard from him - a wonderful 
sequencer driven piece. Unfortunately I was not as convinced by much of the rest of his first solo album though I am 
certain that future albums could be belters. His other track here 'Slipstream', for me just confirms my view. Again, there 
is nothing really wrong with the track, it hints at great things to come (as I am sure there will be) but it isn't quite there yet. 
Hyper Ex Machina is one of the newer names here and 'The Pulse Quickens' is a pleasant piece combining at least three 
different sequencer lines with subtle melodic touches. From just after the half way mark a relatively heavy rhythm is added 
and we bounce forward in a very enjoyable manner- nice one. Their second track 'Divine Flow with Cold Joy 4' begins with 
a long vocoded intro to be followed by a series of melodic / rhythmic loops. Vietgrove can hardly be said to be prolific but 
they are kind enough to give what I assume is a non-album track 'Saragossa II'. Guitar and synths are combined beautifully 
with a fair dose of gentle prog rock leanings to create a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon atmosphere.

In complete contrast we get a new otherwise unavailable track by RMI called 'Sherwood's Special' which delves the darker 
ambient side of their character. Modulator ESP are represented by the gently pulsating drifting number 'Transpatial' but even 
better is the far longer 'Dark Star Voyage' which is initially a much moodier, atmospheric, spaced out number. In the sixth 
minute sequences are developed followed by some lovely lead lines. It does have rough edges but all in all is one of the 
better tracks on this triple CD set certainly marking them a potentially (like Create) very exciting act to watch for the future.
I would love to hear more of their stuff. 4m33s comes up with 'Atmosphere', a slowly evolving piece built round a tinkling 
sequence. The Omega Syndicate's first offering 'Mission 11' is an example of their more sensitive, subtle side as dark 
atmospherics give way to an excellent sequence. More sequences are added as well as a lovely synth flute lead line. 
The track builds beautifully but without ever getting too OTT. When we add their second offering 'Rave-O-Lution' it amounts 
to over half an hour of new music by them. It has to be said though that this second track is by no means typical TOS as 
it deploys a bass dance beat pretty much right from the off! It is certainly still an exciting track but I am sure it will raise 
a few eyebrows. I would love to hear what current fans have to say about it.

Awen was a new name to me. 'Ko' is a piece very much in two halves the first being almost orchestral / symphonic where 
as the second half develops into something of a dance number! Their other track 'Ocean of Joy', however, is much more 
Eastern tinged with appropriate wailing vocals to start it off, soon to be joined by some more excellent rhythms. All the 
elements go together really well and if Asana was still around I can imagine this being the sort of music he would be coming 
up with. Nice one- I hope we will hear more of Awen. AirSculpture's imaginatively titled new track 'Untitled so Far' shows a 
rather different side to their character in that mixing with their more typical sequences is a much more contemporary beat 
along with a sawing lead line doing its stuff lower in the mix. The Glimmer Room's '707' is yet another new piece and is full 
of the Eastern characters around some lovely laid back rhythms, exquisite lead lines coming in especially after the half way 
mark. Simply gorgeous. Skin Mechanix donate 'Ultravista' a very representative track from their album full of infectious beats 
hissing like a steam engine and catchy little melodies. Second Thought give us a relatively contemporary sounding slow 
rhythmic number ideal for simply chilling out to and the even more relaxing 'Rooftops'. The latter starts with a delicate guitar 
melody followed by strings but for me, unfortunately, it didn't seem to work as it developed.

Ganzfeld's 'We Are Your Audience' and 'Test Object' on the other hand did work being superb upbeat tracks with lovely 
melodies- another act to look out for. Ron Boots donates 'Spherics', a nice enough chugger that I suppose could be said to 
be quite hypnotic but on the other hand it probably could have done with a little more development- depends on the mood of 
the listener I suppose. Joint Intelligence Committee (aka Paul Nagle) give us the otherwise unavailable track 'Hot: Pot; Supper 
which is a lovely spaced out number full of appropriate little psychedelic effects. Now, this is a track that develops well. The 
beat becomes more insistent as we go and one melody after another are brought into play, some gentle and others with real bite. 

David Law / Synth Music Direct