Analogue Kid

Probably the best ambient/electronic release of the year so far.
Just listen to the extracts and you'll see what I mean

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Analogue Kid gives you the heart of ambience,
mixed with haunting melodies to die for.

Tracks ...

1. Town Square                 7:03
2. Brindley Heath part 1     9:05
3. Thorpe Cloud                6:36
4. Manor Park                 12:09  
5. Four Winds                 15:02
6. Brindley Heath part 2   10:31

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Lush, beautiful synth ambience forms the major part of Analogue Kid's 'Live Science' album.
The record flows along with a soft, moody vibe, with enough variation to keep the record from
ever approaching boredom, but never losing its singular essence and feel. Much of the synth
work is light and airy sounding, so expect no sub bass rumbling drones; rather, this is music
to drift away to. Opener Town Square provides the warmest, most inviting pads on the record,
and Thorpe Cloud features some tasteful guitar work from Dave Edwards, along with a slow
moving synth sequence. A bizarre about-turn in the centre of Manor Park, moving from engaging
melodies into a nervous drone and sequence section, is a striking moment, made even more
memorable by the beautiful piano outro to the track.
The second half of the album offers longer pieces to the first, closing with the record's strongest
moment, the beautiful Brindley Heath pt 2. Pads wash over and a improvised flute melody leads
the piece towards a beautiful piano outro, ending another fine album from AmbientLive.

Ross Baker