4m33s - "The Ritual" 

An epic themed work in four parts, each building towards the album
concept - Space, Earth, Man, Ritual. This is a huge ambient masterwork
exploring the origins of life and its ultimate purpose - were we created, 
and for why, and where are we going, is there a cosmic significance ?

This is a two album set with a bonus CD containing a further 7 tracks, 
remixes, alternate versions, etc.

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Tracks ....
Part 1 - SPACE 
(total time 15:05)
Signals - something's coming, sending a message in advance
The Abyss of Space - from a very long way away
Folding Space - but they know a way of travelling
Passing through the Event Horizon - using a source of unimaginable power
Space Requiem - music to accompany the journey

Part 2 - EARTH 
(total time 15:17)
Oceans - something living in there that we don't know about
Winds - the endless power that we must learn to use
Storm - the power of nature on display
Glacier - slow and unstoppable, like life itself

Part 3 - MAN 
(total time 13:45)
Tribe - man needs to join together to survive
Calls - but communication is the key to evolution
Machines - allow man to acheive things beyond his strength
Time - where man begins to measure events in the cosmos

Part 4 - RITUAL 
(total time 20:02)
Semblance - something is forming but we don't know what it is
Fugue - man puts a religious face onto the inexplicable
Mystic Circle - but a more ancient force is at work
Apparition - the secrets of the universe are revealed
Ascention - then rising up into space, from whence we came
Departure - now leaving on a spaceward journey
Spores in Space - until arriving at another planet, somewhere ....

(total time 6:55)
Ritual Epilogue - closing down the Ritual

You can hear samples from some
of the tracks on the MusicZeit page

'The Ritual'  two album set also has a Bonus Album,
containing more new material, remixes, and interpretations.

1. HyperEx Machina - Magick 
2. 4m33s - Time Machines 
HyperEx Machina - The Eye of God  6:39
4. (((stereofect))) - Dark Ritual 
5. HyperEx Machina - Tritheism Ambience 
6. 4m33s - Space segment alternative version 
4m33s - Mystic Ritual  11:23



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