4m33s - Live 09

This is a CD + DVD set containing two live performances by 4m33s
both done in April 2009. The first one was at Awakenings in Burton
on Trent on April 18, and the second was on April 25 at Elektron 09
in Redditch. These sets form the CD part of the release.
Additionally a DVD is included which contains the video recordings
of both these concerts.
There is also an insert with some concerts pics.

CD tracks ....

1. Beyond Andromeda              17:17
2. Atomsphere                         10:07
3. Ritual Epilogue                      9:12
4. Magnetic Fields                   13:45
5. Hands of Paul Delvaux         11:05
6. Enigma of the Hour              15:12

Tracks 1-3 from Redditch 25 April
Tracks 4-6 from Burton 18 April

DVD      DVD-R region 2 PAL

1. Redditch set   (46:42)
2. Burton set      (38:17)

You can hear samples 
from this album here

Price (post free worldwide) 7.95 

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