4m33s Extended - "Awakenings Live 2005"

This is the live set from Awakenings on 10th June 2005 when 4m33s joined
up with HyperEx Machina to play a double length set, due to another artist
pulling out. HyperEx played mainly guitar throughout the set, and his 
contribution completely changed the outcome, very much for the better. 

Tracks ....
1. Visions 
2. Neuronium 
3. Rubycon 
4. Beyond Andromeda 
5. Inscription 
6. Daliesque Cloud Formation 

When one of the bands for Awakenings pulled out with no time
left, the 4m33s set had to become double length, to prevent a
'hole' in the running order. So that the audience would not be 
totally bored with this, I asked HyperEx Machina to add his 
guitar parts to the tracks. Although he only almost no time 
to practice, his playing fits in really well, and takes the 
4m33s sound into another dimension.

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